As we get older, we often find that our needs and interest in Martial Arts and Self-Defense begin to change and that these needs tend to differ greatly from person to person. Sometimes we may want to follow a Traditional Martial Arts Program, observing and following the customs, traditions, and formal structure that it provides. 


At other times however, we might be less interested in wearing a uniform and simply more interested in losing weight and improving our health while also learning practical self-defense.

In our Choi Kwang Do program, we do both. In Choi Kwang Do classes, you get all the benefits of yoga, kickboxing and other popular activities, combined in a safe, easy to learn way. Not only is Choi Kwang Do designed to be easy on your joints, ligaments and tendons, it's also a lot of fun!

As a self defense system, Choi Kwang Do also utilizes practical movements and equipment training to enhance inner confidence and peace of mind. All of this is taught in a non-competitive environment by instructors who care about their students. There will be days where classes focus on proper basic technique, structure, and execution, and other days where classes will work on pre-exhaustion, stress drills and working techniques in realistic scenarios at speed.

Close-Quarters, Multiple Attacker Scenarios, Defense Drills, Focus Mitt Drills, Weapon Defense Work, Ground Work and All-Out Heavy Bag Work are just some of the class activities that will not only help one to lose weight, it will also help improve cardiovascular health, strength, coordination and focus.


Optimum Health, Longevity, and Practical Self-Defense 

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