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Please welcome our 2 NEWEST 3rd Degree Black Belts...

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, Indian Rocks Choi Kwang Do welcomed its 2 newest 3rd Degree Black Belts.

Two of our Chief Instructors, Mr. Bill Cullen and Mr. Sean Critelli, under the careful observation of the Examining Staff , tested for almost 3 Hours. After being put through their paces, we are proud to announce that both passed their examinations and earned their Sam Dan *3rd Degree* promotions.

Their drive and dedication to bettering themselves, as well as those around them, is inspirational to say the least.

A SPECIAL Thank You goes to our Senior Master Instructor and 6th Degree Black Belt, Robert Defayette as well as Mrs. Maria Gustin and Mr. Bob Cullin for helping to conduct the Examination.

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