• Richard D'Angelo

Our NEW Dojang is OPEN!!!!

After almost TWO MONTHS of Buildout, Indian Rocks U.M.A. - C.K.D. is ready. We still have a few minor things left to do such as hanging and arranging certificates and ordering our new UMA Banners, but otherwise, the Dojang is finished for now.

We have a section left that we will be Building Out over the next few months. This final section will house our Storage Area as well as a second Restroom and a Baby Changing Station for parents with little ones.

Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rich, with some help from their sons Gabriel and Chance, completed ALL the work themselves and finished LITERALLY the night before the new Facility was to be opened.

Our new facility has many things our old one didn't.

A dedicated Waiting Room away from the Reception / Lobby area. The Waiting Room also has a desk / work station for Parents or Students that need to work on their laptops or do some book work.

An actual Office Space for Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rich.

A new interlocking Floor Mat system that is MUCH softer than the previous rubber matting.

More shelf space for equipment.

And most importantly, plenty of room for our Students to move around and STILL have space to grow as a School.

Lastly, we just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has supported us over the last year...

COVID nearly destroyed our school but we persevered with your support and faith in us.

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