• Richard D'Angelo


Hey everybody, we have some really exciting news right now!!!!

Starting on Thursday, January 14th and moving forward every Thursday thereafter, Master "D" Robert Defayette will be teaching our Thursday Night 7:00 PM Teen/Adult classes. We are SUPER EXCITED to have Master "D" back and Home where he belongs.

For our new Student's, Master Defayette is a Sixth Degree Senior Master Instructor in Universal Martial Art / Choi Kwang Do and will be Eligible to go before the Instructor Staff in Georgia Next Year to test for his Seventh Degree Deputy Grandmaster Ranking!!!!!!!

We can't WAIT for that day as No One deserves it more than him!!!!

Master "D" is an EXTRAORDINARY Instructor and ALL eligible Students should make it a point to train under him.

Also, Beginning in February 2021, Mr. Russ, our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor will be returning from a successful surgery to begin teaching Ground Work Fundamentals to our Black Belt Club Students on the FIRST Thursday of each month.

Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rich have a lot of exciting things they want to bring about in 2021 and if you have anything you would like to see or try, let them know.


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