• Richard D'Angelo


We have had a Great start over the last several months at our new Location in Largo, Florida. Our Students are slowly starting to return and things seem to finally be getting back to "Normal". At least as normal as it can be nowadays.

What's really exciting is that we are seeing some old students return after several years of being away and we are welcoming NEW students as well.

As we continue with the universal Martial Art Alliance, we will be concentrating on our curriculum and focusing more on the specific needs of our Students.

Our Swordsmanship Program has been a Funtastic Success so far. ALL of our Students have shown increased Focus, Determination and Dedication and the majority of our Original Group have as of this week, entered the Intermediate Program!!!! They will now start working with the Blunted Training Swords as well as begin learning the Cutting Patterns as well as their Traditional Kata / Patterns.

Lastly, we are SUPER excited to start our Adult Classes back up again on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings. These classes will focus HEAVILY on Self-Defense, Action/Reaction, Situational Awareness, Weapon Defenses, Pressure-Testing Drills and Application of Techniques.

We will also start implementing Ground Technique Fundamentals specifically tailored towards Street Self-Defense so as to allow our Students to become much more well-rounded Martial Artists.

It truly is an exciting time at Indian Rocks and Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rich can't wait to see their Students improve more and more!!!!!!

Always do your best and NEVER give up!!!!!!!!!!

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