Robert Defayette, also known as Master "D" to his students, began his quest in Martial Arts in 1976 by practicing Tae Kwon Do while living in Canada. Master "D" trained in Tae Kwon Do for the next 22 years, achieving the Rank of 4th Degree Black Belt. After numerous joint and knee injuries however, he soon began looking for an alternative Martial Art. In 1995, he came across a magazine article detailing a revolutionary new Martial Art called Choi Kwang Do. After doing extensive research, he began training directly under the arts founder, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi that same year. He trained diligently under Grandmaster Choi until he eventually became an Instructor. 

In 2004 however, due to the stress of his then full-time job, Master "D" was stricken with nine consecutive strokes. These left Master "D" unable to walk, talk, or even write his name. After several months in rehab, and with the encouragement of friends and family, Master "D" started showing signs of a speedy recovery. Doctors attributed this rapid progress due to the bio-mechanical movements associated with Master "D"'s training in Choi Kwang Do. Master "D" resumed training again in 2005 and in 2006, opened his first full-time School.

In 2016, Master "D" was personally awarded his 6th Degree Black Belt and Senior Master Promotion from Grandmaster Choi in South Korea making him one of the highest ranking Choi Kwang Do Instructors in the United States. Master "D" continues to teach full-time to this day, positively impacting the lives of countless students from all walks of life.

We at Indian Rocks Choi Kwang Do are proud and honored to have Master "D" with us as our Senior Master Instructor.



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