Character Education and Development. Self Confidence. Respect for Self and Others. Bully Proofing. Focus and Discipline. These are the foundations for our Children's Program.


At Indian Rocks Choi Kwang Do, we understand that our children are our future as well as our legacy. Our mission is to help instill the skills and self-confidence they will need to help them make the correct, positive decisions needed in their lives.

This is accomplished by not only teaching the positive values and concepts that are integral to our program, but also making sure that their family members are actively involved and committed to their child's success as well.

In Addition, competition is also downplayed at our school. Oft-times, younger children can't distinguish between winning/losing in competition and winning/losing in real life. When children lose in a competition, they might feel as if they are losing in real life as well. Since the child is still forming his or her sense of self, this belief is a negative reinforcement and is detrimental to their growth and development.

What we want to instill in our children is that the greatest competition they will face is themselves. We teach them to try and improve themselves each and every day. 

Children's Promise

To always do my best and never give up

To obey my parents and teachers

To tell the truth and honor my word

To always be polite

To never misuse what I learn in class

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