Cane Dragons


Designed for Students aged 45 years and older, the Cane Empowerment System is a Reality Based Cane Self-Defense System designed for two things.


It gives the student a guide on how to improve their health and mobility through low-impact exercise and coordinated movement with a cane and it provides a platform that teaches students how to defend themselves utilizing a walking cane.

The first step in training is to understand that the Cane is much more than just a "crutch" and we focus to eleminate the mindset that the cane makes someone look "old".


It is a tool that we can use to strengthen ourselves, improve our health, and if the need arises, protect ourselves and our loved one through the application of Defensive and if necessary, Offensive self-defense techniques.


We start off by utilizing the R.D.T. Cane Self-Defense System designed by Master Gary Hernandez. Using that as our platform, we adapt it as necessary for the individual needs of our Students.


We then add stretching exercises to the program to encourage greater flexibility and then encorporate Isometric Exercise using resistance bands to strengthen our bodies. This combination allows us to enjoy greater health benefits while also allowing greater ease of use with the walking cane.

Master Gary Hernandez
R.D.T. Cane Self-Defense

If you would like more information on the Reality Defense Training - Cane Dragons Cane Empowerment System, or any of our other programs, please contact us by clicking the link below or calling us at 727-595-6321.